Two-effect Plate Type Salty Wastewater Evaporation Crystallization Case

The evaporation system adopts a forced circulation process and is equipped with a forced circulation pump, in order to ensure the high-speed flow of the material in the tube to prevent the material from scaling and blocking the tube. The characteristics of the forced circulation process are as follows:
The forced circulation evaporator is used to avoid scaling or crystallization due to boiling on the heating surface.
The circulation of the forced circulation evaporation solution in the equipment mainly relies on the circulation pump to generate forced flow.
The material does not evaporate in the heater, and the concentration will not change. The concentration will only increase after flashing in the separation crystallizer, so it will not adhere to the heat exchange surface and cause scaling on the heat exchange surface. The separation body has a very sufficient liquid/gas separation area and separation height, which can ensure the stability of long-term evaporation and output concentration.