Three-effect plate Wastewater Treatment Evaporation Concentration Device

MVR is the abbreviation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression. MVR is an energy-saving technology that re-uses the energy of the secondary steam generated by itself, thereby reducing the demand for external energy. 
The working process of the MVR evaporator is to compress the low-temperature steam through the compressor, increase the temperature and pressure, and increase the enthalpy, and then enter the heat exchanger for condensation to make full use of the latent heat of the steam.
The secondary steam from the evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature increase, and the heat enthalpy increases, and then it is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator to be used as heating steam to keep the material liquid in a boiling state, while the heating steam itself Condensed into water, so that the steam has been fully utilized.