Multi-effect Plate Type Fructo-oligosaccharide Evaporation & Concentration Device

The multi-effect evaporator is an evaporator that uses the temperature difference from the first effect to the final effect to design the evaporator for repeated use of the secondary steam. Generally, the evaporation temperature of the first effect evaporation is controlled by the heat-sensitive temperature of the material, and the temperature of the secondary steam of the final effect It is determined by the local altitude and the selection of the vacuum unit. The consumption of raw steam is inversely proportional to the number of effector.
The difference between the MVR evaporator and the multi-effect evaporator is mainly the difference in the consumption of heating steam, the difference in the cooling water treatment capacity, the difference in the input heat, the difference in the size of the floor area, the difference in the operating system, and the comprehensive energy-saving effect of the MVR evaporator. It is better than multi-effect evaporator, but the price of MVR evaporator with the same processing capacity is higher than that of multi-effect evaporator.