Multi-effect Juice Evaporation Concentration

There are many excellent performances of multi-effect evaporators, such as wide heat transfer area, large flow control panel, good heat transfer performance, easy configuration, and multiple processes, etc., which are important reasons why multi-effect evaporators have become more popular machinery and equipment today. .
The multi-effect evaporator is an evaporation operation mode in which several evaporators are connected in series to operate together, so that the steam heat can be used multiple times, thereby improving the utilization rate and efficiency of evaporation and energy heat, and has been mostly used in aqueous solution treatment. industry. In the entire working process of the multi-effect evaporator, the first evaporator uses the new steam as the heating steam, and the other several effects use the secondary evaporation of the previous evaporator as the main heating steam, so that it can be well Reduce the amount of steam used, each of which has its own unique task. The secondary steam temperature in each of these effects is always lower than the previous heating steam, so there are many effects of evaporation so that the operating pressure and page boiling will decrease with the increase of steam heating steps.